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Update CM6 to CM7 on Motorola Milestone

Update Cyanogenmod 6 to Cyanogenmod 7 – Android Gingerbread
Before you begin, check the Backup / Restore settings on your phone.

-> Home -> Settings -> Privacy
–Back up my data
–Automatic restore
If these settings are active, then you wont have to re-install all your apps after updating.

Download the new CM version and Google Apps:

Save these files on your SDcard in the /OpenRecovery/updates directory.

Reboot your phone in OpenRecovery mode (tip: use this quickboot app)
apply to go to the Androidiani  menu

Make a full nandroid backup!

Next  delete all 3 caches (don’t worry, you wont lose your apps as long you have turned on automated backup/restore.).

  • Wipe Cache Partition
  • Wipe data / Factory reset
  • Wipe Dalvik Cache

Choose Apply Update and select
select the to install all google apps.

then reboot and by happy.

NOTE: after boot, the market app will ask to to resync your apps. DONT do this! First setup your WIFI / 3G settings, then run the market app. (the app will give this warning)

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  1. manish

    is there anyone who can do the same thing for motorola charm means I want to install CM6 or CM 7 on my motorola Charm.

    Thanks in advance

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