Onda v972

Onda v972 – root firmware version 1.2

How to root the Onda v972 firmware version 1.2

  • Downgrade to firmware 1.02 using PhoenixSuit, you can download the firmware here
  • Configure your tablet (Wifi, Google Play)
  • Download the Superuser app from the Play Store.
  • Download the OTA rootkeeper app from the Play Store.
  • Start the OTA rootkeeper app and backup root. Select ‘Temp. un-root. (keeps backup)
  • Start the Update app (The blue circle with an arrow pointing up). Do not use PhoenixSuit to update to 1.2!.
  • Select ‘Download’ and select ‘Update right now’ , ‘Update’
  • Start the OTA rootkeeper app and select ‘Restore root’

You now have root on 1.2 firmware.

Note: If you get ‘unfortunately, the process com.android.phone has stopped’ continuously, retry the above procedure. Another option is to go to Settings – More… – Mobile networks, and disable ‘Data enabled’.

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